How To Place Your Order Online

To buy online from, please follow the procedures-

Step-1: On condition that you are a registered user of smartbd, then click on Log In or My account and type in your email address and password.

Step-2: Or “Create an Account” and register your account from the Website if you are new.

Step-3: In what circumstances your account is successfully created, Than a profile will be notify you to made prepared for use & you will be edit your profile at whatever time.

Step-4: Search the wished for intended product using the smartbd web search box.

Step-5: Or browse through the product categories.

Step-6: Select your desired product, or category through price and other preferred Configurations.

Step-7: See product images, descriptions, price, and other related information.

Step-8: When one can click on Add to Cart, than a person can see to select VIEW CART or CHECKOUT.

Step-9: When you click on VIEW CART that will open up to buy more products or you can included more quantity, either click on CONTINUE SHOPPING. However you can CLEAR SHOPPING CART or such as apply coupon. After all click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to go to the payment page.

Step-10: Next, you will be directed to the “Checkout” page with the following details. Here you can select your desired delivery address. If you want product delivery to another address, you must fill in the new address. The most important thing is you must select your payment procedure, here is part of select option like ''PAY WITH CHEQUE / MONEY ORDER'', ''CASH ON DELIVERY'', ''BANK TRANSFER PAYMENT'' or you can choose ''PAY WITH INTERNET PAYMENT/DEBIT/CREDIT CARD''.

Step-11: If you select CASH ON DELEVERY than we will send an email with a link to track your order and order summary, please keep your order number noted.

Step-12: Either you select ''PAY WITH INTERNET PAYMENT/DEBIT/CREDIT CARD'' option then you have to choose your prefer card, internet or mobile banking account. If you want to use your Banking card than you will received OTP code in real time as SMS to your registered mobile number while performing the transaction. Chronologically you must replace your code in the empty box.

Step-13: When your order is confirmed on the next page, please keep your order number noted or be that as it may we will send an email with a link to track your order and order summary.

Sprightly happy browsing and shopping through smartbd.