Backup your Data with Azure

Backup your Data with Azure

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Azure Backup is a one-click backup solution that is affordable, secure, and scalable based on your backup storage requirements. It is simple to set backup policies and safeguard a variety of enterprise workloads.
Your on-premises resources may be easily backed up to the cloud with Azure Backup. Avoid deploying complicated on-premises backup systems by getting short- and long-term backup instead. To protect against inadvertent data loss, Azure Backup offers independent and isolated backups. Backups are kept in a Recovery Services vault with integrated recovery point management. Backups are streamlined, configuration and scalability are straightforward, and you can easily restore when necessary. Azure Backup provides high-availability with no maintenance or monitoring requirements by utilizing the underlying power and limitless scale of the Azure cloud. The amount of data you can send in or out of Azure Backup is unrestricted, and there are no charges associated with data transfers. Data transported from a Recovery Services vault during a restore procedure is referred to as outbound data. There is a fee for inbound data if you take an offline initial backup and use the Azure Import/Export service to import big amounts of data. In a Recovery Services vault, Azure Backup offers built-in monitoring and alerting features. There is no need for additional management infrastructure to use these functionalities. Azure Monitor can be used to expand the scope of your reporting and monitoring. A recovery point that is application-consistent has all the data necessary to restore the backup copy. Application-consistent backups are offered by Azure Backup, ensuring that no extra fixes are necessary in order to restore the data. You can restore to a running state more quickly by restoring application-consistent data, which shortens the restoration time.


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